Founded in 2018 by Gigi Panier - "The culture of praising and affirming ourselves. -- MOTIVATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY" symbolizes that we as beings in fashion, in the world, anywhere, seek no confirmation from others aside from ourselves. We do not need your approval for we inspire to inspire those around us.

KASUAL KROOKZ, was inspired by the idea of having a platform that carries unisex street wear, through fashion and inspiration.

Gigi Panier

Founder & Creative Director

Gigi Panier (25) is a Haitian Designer, raised in Long Island ,New York. At a young age, Gigi has always been drawn to fashion, art, designing , and hustling. At an early age she began to draw her own clothing designs, and imagining owning her own boutique one day. Gigi is a graduate of St John's and Adelphi University, obtaining degrees in Finance and Business Management to oversee the financial aspects of her companies. Beauty and Brains! High School is were she realized her hunger to create her own clothing brand. Working in multiple retail stores, especially Foot Action in Green Acres Mall, she noticed her love for sneakers and developed a keen sense of style. Thus, creating a brand that not only reflects her style , but those around her as well. Her hunger for fashion, determination, and an interest in inspiring others has led to the development of KASUAL KROOKZ. She is determined to show that women have a place in street wear just as much as men.